Melrose Rural Care


Parents are welcome at the centre to come in and talk to staff, look at the service we provide and stay with their child while they settle in. We program to the Early Years Learning  framework, which is a play based curriculum. Care is booked on a whole day basis only at a cost of $68 per day.

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Access to the Centre & Custody Issues 152.91KB PDF
Allergy Aware Pamphlet 95.70KB PDF
Allergy Aware Policy 70.05KB PDF
Arrival and Departure Policy 84.81KB PDF
Asthma Policy 77.47KB PDF
Behaviour Guidance Policy 70.74KB PDF
Bites and Spitting Procedures 65.03KB PDF
Changing Children's Clothes Procedure 74.02KB PDF
Child Protection Policy 91.64KB PDF
Children's Program 96.66KB PDF
Children of Staff Guidelines 89.90KB PDF
Code of Conduct 328.12KB PDF
Confidentiality Policy 64.49KB PDF
Custody and Access of Children 83.95KB PDF
Dangerous Products Plants and Objects 318.24KB PDF
Dental Care Policy 65.32KB PDF
Diversity and Inclusion Policy 55.18KB PDF
Emergency Procedures 399.14KB PDF
Environmental Protection Policy 93.90KB PDF
Excursion Policy 40.50KB Word
Fees Policy 138.22KB PDF
Food and Nutrition 72.50KB PDF
Food Handling and Storage Practices 64.68KB PDF
Food Handling and Storage Procedures 49.49KB PDF
Head Lice Treatment 406.75KB PDF
Headlice Policy 133.80KB PDF
Health and Hygiene Procedure 51.96KB PDF
Healthy Eating Guidelines 75.68KB PDF
Infection Control Policy 52.96KB PDF
Infectious Diseases Policy 84.99KB PDF
Medication Policy 58.94KB PDF
Parents Grievance Procedure 118.22KB PDF
Sunsafe Policy 79.47KB PDF
Staff Sickness Procedure 36.69KB PDF
Toileting Procedure 58.27KB PDF
Water Receptacle Procedure 64.81KB PDF
Staff Grievance Procedures 96.65KB PDF
Nappy Change Policy 33.73KB PDF
OHS&W Policy 92.92KB PDF
OHS&W Flowchart 57.58KB PDF
Safe Sleeping Policy 123.55KB PDF
Psychological Health Policy 51.09KB PDF
Sickness Policy 55.70KB PDF
Single Staff Safety Guidelines 118.12KB PDF